indieberlin the movie clip – so what’s it all about?

by | indiefilms, Team

We never seem to get tired of Berlin. With its pulsing underground scene it never stops amazing us, the number and quality of artists, designers, musicians and life artists that keep indieberlin bubbling away night after night. To celebrate this non-stop city and the people that make it like that we’ve put together a film clip that we hope captures just how in love with this place we are – the unrelenting lust for life, the exuberant unshackling of our selves, the always burning for more. Every day, every night, a riot of colour and craziness that is indieberlin. We hope you enjoy it.

Film by Ursa Kastelic, Music by Von Wegen Lisbeth, Featuring: Paul Wancho Greves from UK label Risin’ Sound, Noel Maurice (The Berlin Diaries), Mia Morris (Funkyrotic Art) and Polly Trope (Cured Meat) from indieberlin, the creations of Jasmin the Strange, Berlin band Pickers in concert, boylesque performer and master of ceremonies Ferkel Johnson, and burlesque dancers Marlene von Steenvag and Erochica Bamboo.

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