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Jupiter Flynn is an Amsterdam-born singer and songwriter. She began composing short songs at an early age. She has lived in Tokyo, New York, Sydney, and Frankfurt, and currently resides in Berlin.

Her latest single “Another sad song” was released on January 26, 2024, through Polanoa Music/Wagram Stories Berlin.

The EP is set to be the young artist’s second significant release after her album Moon in 2022, which garnered her attention from publications such as Rolling Stone and Schall magazine.

It stands out with intelligent arrangements and indie sounds from Pola Roy’s Kreuzberg sound forge Hitipapa Studios with Jupiter Flynn’s distinctive voice.

Jupiter Flynn Live:

25.01.2024 Berlin, Bikini Berlin (Solo bei radio eins)04.04.2024 Berlin, Kantine am Berghain (Support für Mina Richman)25.04.2024 Hamburg, HÄKKEN (Solo-Support für Pina Palau)29.04.2024 München, Glockenbachwerkstatt (Solo-Support für Pina Palau)26.06.2024 Aachen, Kimiko Festival

The first part of the song opens with crystal guitar riffs and Flynn’s unique and ethereal vocals.

As if you still feel like immersing yourself in the shadowy mist, but when she sings “please don’t make me write another sad song”, the perfect drumbeats come on stage.

Suddenly, the mist starts to dissipate, and the path beneath begins to shown, though still shrouded by the forest, it is bright enough for you to see. The dappled sunlight piercing through the dense canopy and fog hints at a way forward, guiding you through the woodland.

According to the background story, the new single has three layers –

a resolute determination, a flicker of hope, and a prayer.

It contains not only sadness, but a sliver of optimism and a forward-looking view.

The song makes us think of our own experiences that we learn from the trauma and remain resilient, always ready to pick ourselves up to start a new day. Also, we are still brave enough to love.

-I still have hope in you-Please don’t prove me wrong-Please don’t make me write another sad songanother sad song

Just as J. D. Salinger wrote in The Heart of a Broken Story

“There are some people who think love is sex and marriage and six o’clock-kisses and children, and perhaps it is, Miss Lester. But do you know what I think? I think love is a touch and yet not a touch.”

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