Australian sister duo Sissos stream for the #FETEBerlin on Going Viral this Sunday 21st June

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This Sunday 21st June is the Fete de la Musique – yes, it’s that time again! – but of course this year it’s going to be a little different.

While there are a good few things happening offline – on the streets of Berlin (like singer-songwriters on the back of Berlin’s bicycle taxis serenading passersby on the go), the kernel of the show this year is the world of live streaming…

For this purpose the Fete team have set their site up as a live stream host par excellence – with 100+ live streams being hosted on the site throughout the day alone (one highlight – at 10pm – is Alle Farben, doing a live set from the very top of the Alexanderplatz Fernsehturm.

Another personal highlight is Going Viral, with Sissos

The Fisher sisters who have relocated from Australia to make Berlin their home. One thing that you can’t fake is the musical understanding between two people when they know each intimately, inside and out, and have done their whole lives (and have obviously being playing together for most of that time too).

+++ Watch Sissos on Going Viral @ the Fete de la Musique +++

With both sisters displaying admirable guitar-playing prowess, individually beautiful voices and harmonies that tear at your heart, any gig that features the two of them is tough to beat. One bright spot of their Going Viral trailer, which they beamed out a couple of months ago before proper lockdown began, was when Stephanie had to stop playing to hold the mouth harmonica for Georgie to blow into, whereupon Georgie produced a cool little bit of harmonica playing, before the both of them collapsing in giggles at the end of the song: turns out that Stephanie had mistakenly held it upside down and her sister had had to adapt on the spot and play everything backwards on the fly…nicht schlecht.

Sissos are appearing on the fetedelamusique website with their live stream from 9pm. Tune in!

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