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Welcome to the first of our new Friday feature, where we share with you our pick of, you guessed it, new releases from this week September 25-October 1st 2023!

This is of course onyl a short list of songs that we heard and liked, there are loads of great songs coming out all the time…but you can help us!

  • Please send us a whatsapp to +49 157 3745 7915 with bandcamp/soundcloud/spotify/etc and link to a song you think we should include. Everyone who contributes gets entered into a monthly raffle for indie merch and goodies ๐Ÿ™‚
  • If you have a song you want us to include, please do the same, including a link to the music plus a link to your social media channels and a way we can get in touch with you.

And so, in no particular order:

Lola Young – Conceited

Lola Young is the UK singer based in Berlin who had her first gig earlier this year and is already showing herself to the absolute breakout star of indie pop in Germany: She’s just released the last single from her debut album today – Money.

Find Lola Young on Instagram

Lener – keep running away

Find Lener on Instagram here

Labasheeda – Curiosity

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Slow Pulp – mud

Slow Pulp are an indie shoegaze band out of Wisconsin who now live in Chicago. This wonderful single is here to alert us to the fact that TODAY they released their brand new album ‘Yard’. Find it here!

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Montana Chanel – Blue eyes under blue lights

Montana Chanel is an exciting new independent pop artist out of London. With deeply layered music and a special voice, she’s proving her disregard for the easy road by having released Blue Eyes Under Blue Lights, a ten-minute single about falling in love and getting played.

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Naya Ali – More Life, Less Names (Remix)

Naya Ali is the Canadian female rapper who’s shooting throught the (Canadian hiphop) stratosphere at the moment and is inches from becoming the mainstream big name she should always have been. This is a remix of her spring-released track of the same name, in collaboration with a couple of other hip hop artists from her home town Montreal.

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The National w/ Phoebe Bridgers – Laugh Track

This is actually from the previous week but it’s wonderful and hey, we didn’t have this feature in place last week so I forgive myself ๐Ÿ™‚

We hope you liked our picks from the best new indie songs โ€“ please let us know what we missed and what we should post next week!

x Noel & team

Featured image is Lola Young – photo credit Amy Peskett

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