Review: Florence and the Machine live in Berlin

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At least two out of 12,000 people got engaged to be married at the Florence and the Machine concert at the Velodrom.
Midset during the cover version of Candi Staton’s Gospel Pop song “You Got the Love” Florence encouraged a couple in front of the stage to get engaged and marry each other. The couple climbed the stage and put the rings on their finger with support of an enormous applause.
She overwhelmed everyone with her gorgeous voice
After this every person in the audience was left under the spell of Florence Welch. Backed up by her and consisting of the classic rock outfit joined by a choir, brass section and a harpist, she overwhelmed everyone with her gorgeous voice from the first to the last song. Spinning barefoot in pirouettes on stage if it was green grass, her deep positive energy and empathy shone out.

Not only the songs talked of the deep connection with the love that she has to offer – but also was it a truly heart-warming experience to see her smiling and talking to the audience between the songs about her good and bad times – or funny moments, like when once they could not make it into Berlin’s Berghain and they ended up somewhere in a bathroom they then called “Bath-Hain” to get seriously drunk and wasted.
They played Cosmic Love in a very reduced, almost acoustic version
The day after they wrote the song “Cosmic Love” for their first Album “Lungs” which they played subsequently in a very reduced, almost acoustic version. It was also maybe the only song in which she let the people gasp for air. All the other songs were powerful and energetic and left the audience pretty exhausted after the concert.
Too many sad songs for an engagement party?
At one point Florence admitted, that it is maybe a little bit too many sad songs for an engagement party. In moments in which the volume went a little bit more down the audience also took over a big part in singing along with the choir the almost Gospel-like songs. In the end everyone was purified and full of positivity and who knows – maybe even more couples decided to get engaged during the concert. This show was a hippy festivity set in the 21st century with the magnificent Florence + the Machine embracing everyone with their music and spirituality.

Article by Christoph Grzeschik

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