“Die Mutigen die schlafen” from Kresse 3—Rock Gleeman in Berlin

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The latest EP “Die Mutigen die schlafen” from “Kresse 3” was released on Friday, 5 January 2024 and features a collection of six songs.

Kresse 3 is a four-piece indie rock band from Berlin that formed three years ago. Like the spirit of Berlin, Kresse 3 has blended different musical genres. Their melodies are infused with a vibrant energy, a reflection of the unique atmosphere in which their sound was both conceived and cultivated. By intertwining rough, edgy vibes with classic rock, the band has created a distinctive sound.


Kresse 3 persistently seeks out those moments, connecting the realms of disillusionment and hope. The latest EP from Kresse 3, “Die Mutigen die schlafen,” delves further into the exploration of a state – one that swings between being challenging to endure and unexpectedly vigor.ous. 

The art of the band is an exquisite merge of traditional German Krautrock and the innovative stylings of bands like International Music, Die Sterne, Einstürzende Neubauten, and Tocotronic. Their music stands as a tribute to these pioneers, transcending simple emulation, instead drawing inspiration to craft their own unique sound.

Their music does more than entertain, it creates a conversation with the audience, challenging and comforting in equal measure.

Dort drüben ist ein Garten
Die Mutigen die schlafen
Die Fragen kommen wieder
Bewegen unsere Lieder
Wir schließen die Lücken

The song “Die Mutigen die schlafen”, paints a picture. They whisper tales reminiscent of an age-old epic, where a hero, in repose in a garden, dreams of ancient Germanic tribes wandering the earth, stretching towards the horizon, capturing the sun’s final descent. 

The track “Blaues Fundament” opens with a strong beat and potent rhythm, setting the stage for a journey. Envision a car racing down a path untold and its destination shrouded in mystery. Perhaps the journey is cloaked in mist or veiled by snow.

The traveler might never again see the face of a long-lost beloved. Yet, undeterred, he surges forward, driven by a quest nestled deep within his heart. For in that ephemeral moment when beauty fades into the ether, he sees a view like no other (Ich seh’ die ganze Schönheit Im Moment ihres Verschwindens).

Kresse 3-indie musik-die Mutigen die schlafen

Until now, their music has gained recognition by being featured on Spotify’s curated playlist “Insomnia”, as well as receiving airplay on the radio station “bytefm” and Luxembourg’s cultural radio “100,7”. It is a band rich in narratives, writing music that truly merits attention.

Find out more about Kresse 3 on Instagram, Tikok and Spotify

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