Premiere: Laser Blitzer from French electro act Encore: “Implosion or explosion, it doesn’t matter”

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Indierepublik is proud to premiere brand new single Lazer Blitzer from French electro duo Encore.

From their latest EP Autobahn, released on Machette, Encore is Maria Laurent (Keys) and Clément Chanaud-Ferrenq (Drums). The two met in 2015 in Strasbourg, France. Not really rock, not quite electronic, the music of does not tame with the intellect, it plays with the physical, the exhaustion and the body. The accompanying video was shot on hand-held camera, half plunged in darkness, a concert without an audience.

Composed initially on piano and intended as a dark and aerial balland, it ended up with “electronic lightning” and pushed up to 140bpm: “Implosion or explosion, it doesn’t matter,” say the band.

The inspiration? Rushing between gigs on the German autobahn on a December night, flashed for speeding somewhere between Berlin and Dessau….

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