girl in white by belarusian band naviband

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NaviBand, of Belarus, announces the release of their long anticipated English version of their acclaimed protest song Girl in White.

. Girl In White can be heard not only as a protest to the brutality rising in the world, and particularly in their homeland of Belarus, but also as a beautiful expression of longing, hope, and steadfastness. To bring this song to a wider audience, songwriter and author, Ryan O’reilly worked with the band on the English lyrics.

protests took place across Belarus against an obviously rigged election

A year ago,  massive protests took place across Belarus against an obviously rigged election, only to be brutally crushed by the dictatorial regime. This sparked a thunderous reaction from  artists across the country, expressing a nationwide anger at having their vote stolen from them once again.

Continuing protests were met with increasing force and brutality, with widespread imprisonment, torture and sexual violence used against the protesters.

In solidarity with all in resistance to the oppressive Lukaschenko  government,  NaviBand bears witness to the  women’s protests, when girls and women of different ages came out in white with flowers in their hands in response to the violence of the authorities.

The repression continues, but the people are not giving up.

NaviBand has gained worldwide attention since representing Belarus in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. Not particularity political, they are known for beautiful and upbeat music  that reaches into the hearts of their fans. Now, the band and O’Reilly have forged a strong and haunting ballad.

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