how to fuck up in the music business and other lessons at mw:m

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Have you ever fucked up? How did it feel? Making mistakes is a hard thing to experience, and the pain that comes with them can suck the wind of ambition from our bodies and minds. But making mistakes is also highly valuable – we can learn what doesn’t work and make huge developmental leaps forward, as long as we feel able to ride out the mistake in a thoughtful way. 

Resilience, as we have already discussed, comes from community – and finding that balance between daring to make mistakes, and leaning on an experienced group of supporters who can help you extract the learnings from failure – is at the heart of forging a path forward to a fulfilling future. 

This workshop, bound to be amusing as well as eye-opening, will be conducted by none other than Patrick Wagner, announced as being from the “Gesellschaft für Fehlerkultur” (or Society for Mistake Culture); but who we also know firstly from his eye-popping band Gewalt and of course the world-renowned though short-lived record label Kitty Yo, that personified 90s Berlin in all its glory…

…And Melissa Perales, from Music Pool Berlin and M-Soundtrack, who have hosted the Torstrasse Festival since 2004 and describes herself on Instagram as “music promoter, supervisor, festival curator, consultant, mama, intersectional feminist child of immigrant & kickassdinnerpartyhostess”. Now breathe.

Get your tickets to MW:M here and be there for the 2023 version of Berlin’s best and most future-focused music conference and festival (and let’s not forget the Listen to Berlin Awards that kicks the conference off the night before).

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