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The Swedish band is back with a new track : “Diane’s Robot”. Coming straight from Sweden, this 3 member band is working with fascinating electronics, post punk guitar and down reaching lyrics. Check it out!

We had the chance to ask few questions about the musical creation process of Junodef and talk about the live music scene in London (video interview & text selection below).

There is Tyra, who sings and plays bass, Norea, who plays drums and electronics and Karin who plays the guitar and sings.  

IndieRepublik : So tell us how it all began?

Junodef: We’re all from the same hometown in Sweden, we played in a lot of different bands from our 13th year to the creation of Junodef, 7 years ago. 

We played one show in Berlin, and it was in someone’s living room, it was amazing !

IndieRepublik: You recently moved to London, how’s everything going there? How different is it from Sweden?

Junodef: In Sweden we had more time to make music, but in London we have to be more focused on paying the rent. We have more live opportunities here in London than back in Sweden because it’s not that many people who are doing music. But we had more time to focus and create music, here we have to deal with paying the rent, money is more an issue.

IndieRepublik : And how are things going with your studio? 

Junodef: We are sharing it with 2 other bands, it’s not ours. Thus, it’s not really a place where we create, we just go there to record and work on the arrangements. We’re making music at home, we won’t go there to write, for example.

IndieRepublik : And how do you think the music audience here in Berlin is different ?

Junodef: In Berlin? We played one show in Berlin, and it was in someone’s living room, it was amazing! That’s the only show we did in Berlin – I love Berlin, I think everyone’s gonna move to Berlin now that Brexit has properly happened. We got the show through friends, their band is called HOPE and their music is amazing, they’re based in Berlin. I think I would describe them the same way that people describe us, musically speaking. It’s dark and moody, with a lot of synth and electronic stuff but there’s also post punk guitar and very cool percussions and vocals. Great people, great music.

IndieRepublik : Speaking about your music, I’ve heard your last release : Diane’s Robot. How did you process to create this computerised voice ?

Biggest fuck up stage? The slippers ! We have it on video!

Junodef: This song is about being a child, being young, is was nice to have some elements, something childish to bring to it. There are 2 separate voices, to make a conversation happen. We thought it would be cool to experience different pitching vocals with like a bizarre and weird tone to have the discussion between 2 people singing. 

IndieRepublik : What a process! And How would you describe the evolution of your music regarding the process, the subjects, the genre ? 

Junodef: At the beginning, me (Karin) and Tyra where in a band when we were writing in a more experimental way, that was very “post-rocky” with strong melody and an real  bass-chords duo, working with part, part 2, part 3… With the difference that, it wouldn’t have any repetitive part of the song. Then we evolve to I guess a more common song structure and experiment more with the sound of percussion. We write like pop songs more or less even if they don’t necessarily sound like verse-chorus verse-chorus. They’re not 9 minutes long anymore, like some of them used to be (laughs). 

IndieRepublik : Can you tell me about your biggest stage fuck up ? 

Junodef: The slippers ! We have it on video. Basically we were touring with Editors in Europe and for one of the shows I was wearing white socks and silver Birkentstock but like the cheap ones for Lidl, you know, gotta save that cash. We usually play barefoot so the idea was taking off all of this and I was wearing a suit jacket, all black, looking smart and then I walked out on stage, in front of thousands of people, in my white socks and silver birckentocks, from Lidl.

Junodef have their latest single out, Diane’s Robot. A Swedish band in Berlin, the three female musicians from Sweden are bubbling over with ideas and songs. They describe themselves as “Doomsday pop // art rock // dream pop // post rock // post future death music” – or as the “Love child of PJ Harvey, Chelsea Wolfe and Elliott Smith”.

Junodef Website // Junodef on Instagram

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