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After the release of his second single, Finnish songwriter, producer and guitarist Petter Näse (Early Signs) returns with the third single “Just As If New” from his forthcoming debut indie-alt album out April 2022.

A gorgeously atmospheric track, with hints of RadioHead – it’s perfectly balanced guitar tones once more demonstrate Early Signs’ signature ability to weave in tasteful hints of Country with an indie sensibility, reminiscent of Dire Straits. The track is like a soft breeze, with hints of caramel country. Look out your window with a cup of hot coffee, or sit in the sun beneath a tree with a cool glass, enjoy.

“The single is about times when things turn out to be exactly how they always were. Familiar twists and turns form a straight line. A pattern reappears just as if new. ”-Petter Näse / Early Signs

In the dreamy haze of the first lockdown, when life was balancing between the joy of a sudden abundance of time and the anxiety about impending apocalypse, Early Signs saw the light of day. With a new song to finish, songwriter and producer Petter Näse (The Heartbeat Band/Månskensbonden/Erato) asked his friend Henri Växby (Icons of Elegance/French For Cartridge) to write some lyrics. What started as a loose collaboration, quickly turned into an album’s worth of songs as ideas and sketches sent between their bases in Stockholm and London, took on a form and life of their own. The “early signs” of a fruitful creativity and the beginnings of something fresh.

the joy of a sudden abundance of time and the anxiety about impending apocalypse

Capturing inspiration at the spur of the moment in his living room home studio, and recording in hushed tones after kids’ bedtime, Petter enlisted more friends to map out this new direction. Fredrik Myhr (Six Drummers) put his inimitable musical stamp on a majority of the songs by adding his quirky sounds and sinister soundscapes as well as his out-of-the-box-drumming to the pot; Clas Lassbo (Miss Li) contributed his enviably effortless bass musings to several tracks as did Janne Manninen (Robyn); and New York-based groove king Oskar Häggdahl (Marc Martel) provided amazing drums for one song.

The last piece of the puzzle fell into place when the album was mixed by Anton Sundell (Ane Brun, Ossler, Merit Hemingson) who immediately understood what Early Signs was all about with its combination of tender songs and abstract ambient textures, and took things to the next level with his extremely creative sonic paintings.

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