“Lives Outgrown”-first solo by BETH GIBBONS

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“Lives Outgrown,” the first solo album of British singer Beth Gibbons in over 20 years, is scheduled for release by Domino Records on May 17th, 2024.

The new album’s lead single, “Floating on a Moment,” combines baroque folk with the expansive, cinematic qualities of her time with Portishead.

The song’s accompanying official video, directed by Tony Oursler, known for his work on David Bowie’s “Where Are We Now?” video, adds a visual depth to the single.

It is a song with tranquility. In a world where music often clamours for attention, Beth brings you peace and enlightenment. Her voice is like a faint fragrance carried by a gentle breeze.

“People started dying,” says Beth. “When you’re young, you never know the endings, you don’t know how it’s going to pan out. You think: we’re going to get beyond this. It’s going to get better. Some endings are hard to digest.”

With the sound of electric guitar, vibraphone, dulcimer…It becomes irresistible to put aside whatever burdens weigh on your mind. The invitation is to shut down your computer and allow yourself to be carried away by a moment of floating.

The emotion turns into a climax  in the song’s finale, marked by the gentle harmonies of the soft choir and Beth’s voice.

The world is too fickle, but the comforting aroma of tea in the afternoon lingers. Please, take a moment for a cup of  “Floating on a Moment” before you depart.

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Lives Outgrown – Tracklist 

1. Tell Me Who You Are Today

2. loating On A Moment

3. Burden Of Life

4. Lost Changes

5. Rewind

6. Reaching Out

7. Oceans

8. For Sale

9. Beyond The Sun

10. Whispering Love

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