Most Wanted Music conference 14-16 Nov.

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the music industry conference with a focus firmly on the future is around the corner!

On 14-16 November the MW:M conference will open its doors at the Kulturbrauerei in Prenzlauerberg.

Started in 2014, Most Wanted Music is Berlin’s most important music industry event, and it’s now the second largest conference for music and creative industry professionals in Germany, just behind Reeperbahn Festival. They list their goals as “o enable practical know-how transfer, enhance networking and exchange and inspire new perspectives and business models”.

It’s also the most forward-focused of all the music industry events, with its eye on embracing new technologies (hallo AI!) while getting them to help you rather than the other way around.

With a host of major industry figures and innovators as speakers, MW:M is a don’t-miss event in the year’s calendar for any music industry professional.

Most Wanted Music 2022 / Swieland

In 2023, the tagline of the conference is “Humanize” – an acknowledgement that tech and the advent of AI etc etc is ever more present in our lives and our work; and at the same time an invitation to discuss and explore ways that we can keep the human aspect at the front and centre of creativity, while embracing technology rather than shying away from it.

In 2023, the boundaries to our potential to shape our world are changing: constantly.

We all cherish exceptional artists and human-made, remarkable music, but is there a way to enhance our creation and marketing efforts?

At the conference they’ll be focusing on these aspects:

Humanizing Work and Life
How are music businesses leveraging technology to revolutionize their workflows? Which ones have already demonstrated their value? Industry experts who are actively engaged in using technologies to enhance our human potential within the realms of the music industry will be speaking and discussing.

Humanizing Creation and Commerce
How can we embed fairness at the heart of creative endeavors, and what steps can we take to advance in this direction?

Humanizing Tech and Tools
Which tools prioritize the economic, cultural, and social dimensions of human creativity? What transformations occur when we embrace new technologies in a genuine, people-centric manner?

We at indieRepublik join with MW:M to advocate for aligning our human needs and aspirations with creativity, curiosity, and community, placing them squarely at the core of every endeavor – no matter how we develop, explore, or implement new technologies.

MW:M and indieRepublik says: Let’s Humanize!”

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