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If you, music lover, have the chance to live in the amazing city of Berlin, you’ve certainly already noticed that the scene offers a huge range of different musical styles.

By Emilie Assoun

I like to think that everyone can find his/her happiness here. Anyway, this is what brings me to this article: we often speak about pop, rock or electro but today, jazz is going to be in the limelight. Meet Alex Spencer, a jazz singer/songwriter.

Even if you’re not necessarily that way inclined, I’d like to introduce you to Alex Spencer’s latest album, Shine. She’s a mum, a teacher and an artist. Having grown up in the countryside, somewhere between western England and southern Germany, and moved to Berlin after studying philosophy.

Alex comes back after several years with a brand new album, Shine. It’s a meeting place between jazz, folk and pop. It’s really worth the listening, the songs are soft and delicate. Since the release of her first album Underwater in 2010, she’s been focused on her growing family, and Shine reflects this new chapter in her life.

This storytelling is what makes her record so special: there’s a kind of “family feeling”, so to speak, that arises when listening to it. It’s the type of music that encourages you to surround yourself with loved ones, if that makes sense.

Concerning her album, it’s composed of twelve songs in which she explores the metamorphosis that happens in everyone’s life. The notion of change is omnipresent, and, even though everyone experiences it, it can still be quite scary.

Do insects feel like they’re dying when they metamorphose from one state to another? she asks.

Alex addresses a number of different themes, forcing us to question ourselves and our own stories.

The album has been recorded with a simple yet very effective instrumental section. Across the record, you’ll hear a variety of different instruments, such as guitar, double bass, piano, cello, saxophone, and viola. The arrangements are mellowand calm, and totally go along with Alex’s voice.

She’s also released a video to go with her song Toxic Mountains. Directed by Andreas Märker, the video poetically reflects the difficulties faced when trying to move on from the past. The result is quite peaceful and aesthetically pleasing.

Anyway, if you’re looking for music to relax to and calm down from the week, here you go!

Listen to Alex Spencer’s new album on Spotify or Soundcloud.

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