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“A novel is a mirror walking along a main road.” — Stendhal


Before I start, 

I cannot believe I’m playing a game (for at least 10 minutes) while in the middle of researching an artist. The character I played is named “IT4MI” (pronounced “itami”), which means “pain” in Japanese. According to d4vd, the name is inspired by manga and anime, and he is the main antagonist of d4vd’s entire project.

I did not win, not surprisingly.

Maybe you should try! Here’s the link

Well, let’s get back to business.

d4vd (David), an 18-year-old singer/songwriter, Fortnite lover, and parkour artist from Houston, Texas, has captured attention with his hit single “Romantic Homicide”. He grew up primarily with gospel music and only broadened his horizons to include “secular music” a few years ago. After his worldwide breakthrough with “Romantic Homicide”, d4vd has already released two EPs, “Petals To Thorns” and “The Lost Petals”.

His most recent creation, “My House Is Not A Home”, a soulful downtempo ballad which he describes as the most personal song he’s ever written.

d4vd mentioned in Zach Sang’s interview that “Romantic Homicide” was a giant leap, and before it was released, he was afraid that people would not like it. I think the success of the hit allowed him to open his heart and write “My House Is Not A Home”, a very intimate song. The creative, brave and talented young indie artist always brings us surprises.

“Hello, I’m at your door again.”  Without any intro, “My House Is Not A Home” opens directly with a very quiet and sorrowful tone.

The song’s rhythm is so expertly controlled that the transition into the chorus feels nearly flawless. The contrast between the calm accompaniment and the hissing sorrow of his heart leaves his loneliness with nowhere to hide.

Sitting alone at the table in an empty house shrouded in darkness, he alternates between calm soliloquy and helpless screams. In several moments, I want to help him, only to realize that I, too, need to find help for myself.

The house was burned down in the end—the house was not the home.

Did he leave everything behind? Did he manage to recover from the sadness?

I’m sure he’ll find a place where he can call home. 

d4vd – My House Is Not A Home

And so will all of you.


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