New album of Roaring IDLES–TANGK

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This album, titled “TANGK” sees Joe Talbot (vocal) drawing inspiration from an exploration of love, aiming to meld this approach with the band’s signature energetic delivery.

“TANGK” delivers a broader and more experimental sound, incorporating elements such as atmospheric piano ballads, soul, and techno. The album points to a potential evolution in their musical identity, suggesting that the band embraces the subtleties of love and human emotion with the same fervor, but perhaps with a softer touch.

The use of bass drums and guitar complements the theme and vibe well. We can see how far they’ve come from “Ultra Mono” to “Crawler”, and now to “TANGK”.

“POP POP POP” and “Dancer” stand out as my top picks from the album. They represent the moment in “TANGK,” showing IDLES’ effort to innovate while preserving their existing essence. The familiar raw energy with fresh, innovative sound that appeal to both old fans and newcomers alike.

I highly recommend starting your experience with “POP POP POP” and “Dancer” first, for they provide a perfect introduction to the album’s dynamic range .

The piano’s ethereal quality in the track “Gospel”evokes a sense of contemplation and introspection, inviting listeners to reflect on their own experiences of love and loss. The song shows the wide range of the band’s musical spectrum.

Every transition has the potential to be contentious, but with the album “TANGK,” IDLES carefully and intentionally embrace new inspirations, leveraging their strengths to successfully move through these changes.

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