Róisín Murphy: Hit Parade review

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Don’t miss Róisín Murphy’s captivating sixth new album ‘Hit Parade’. This album takes you to an unexplored, playful world.

Róisín Murphy is an Irish singer who is famous for her eclectic and unique music. Born in 1973 in Arklow, Ireland, she first gained fame as a member of the band, Moloko. After starting a solo career, she released a series of acclaimed solo albums. She released her new album “Hit Parade” on September 8th, collaborating with a Hamburg-based DJ and music producer, DJ Koze. 

Her music’s genre-blurring quality is what makes her music unique. Her music cannot be easily put into a certain category since she combines various sounds, such as electronic, house, pop and jazz. Her velvety and slightly husky voice is also a key feature of her music. You should be ready to fall in love with her ‘chameleon voice’ as she changes her voice depending on the message and theme of each song. 

DJ Koze blends more genres and sounds than you can shake a stick at

It took roughly 5 years to complete this album in cooperation with DJ Koze and an independent label, Ninja Tune, in London. DJ Koze is active in the electronic music scene, and as well as Róisín Murphy, he blends more genres and sounds than you can shake a stick at. This album showcases their eclecticism and promises a thoroughly immersive listening experience. 

The most played song in the album “CooCool” is a song about birds and bees. The gentle and playful melody is reminiscent of a breezy and frisky spring. Like its lyric says, “Embrace your inner child”, this song makes you want to empty your mind and dance. You are sure to feel infatuated with what Murphy describes as a “stupidly romantic little love poem.”

“Fader” is a song about life and death and music

“Fader” is a song about life and death and music, she says. The music video was shot in her hometown, where her life started, with local people appearing in it. The catchy and joyful groove and her distinctive smoky voice will no doubt enthral you.

Although her music conveys diverse themes and moods, her recent comments on puberty blockers seem to express opposition to the diversity of society. On social media, she said the use of puberty blockers is “absolutely desolate” and “big Pharma laughing all the way to the bank.” She also called for protection for kids, and media and trans communities criticised her comments.

The embracing of diversity in her music and lyrics stands at odds with the recent shitstorm about her trans comments

Later, she apologised for it on Twitter, saying, “I really hope people can understand my concern was out of love for all of us” and “My true calling is music, and music will never exclude any of us.” She was probably trying to convey the risk of using puberty blockers rather than accusing them, but caused a stir nonetheless.

Regardless: “Hit Parade” explores diverse themes and moods. This album is a mixture of quirky and playful elements, and that’s what makes it charming. After appreciating this stimulating work of art, you will undoubtedly find yourself uplifted and want to explore her world more.

Featured image from video still of an interview with Roisin Murphy in 2022, used by permission with the CC 3.0 Licence.

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