“The Stabal Sessions” A letter to my love

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Lucy Kitchen is a UK singer/songwriter, known for her haunting folk sound; undoubtedly, “The Stabal Sessions” represents a continuous chapter in her style.

Influential figures such as Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Miles Davis, and John Coltrane have shaped Lucy Kitchen’s rich musical background. Her curiosity led her to explore jazz, and she was greatly influenced by folk and country musicians like Joni Mitchell and Nancy Griffith, among others.

Lucy’s journey as a drum and bass vocalist began with her occasional collaboration with Shogun Studio. It was during this time that she performed what is now known as “Looking for Diversion”

Her new EP “The Stabal Sessions” was recorded live at Stabal Music in May 2023 and released on her own label, Bohemia Rose Records, on December 15th. The new EP consists of three new songs and one song, “Sun to the Moon,” from the last album.

With guitar, double bass, and Lucy’s vocals, “Blue Light” immediately draws the audience into her story. The soft and sorrowful sound transports us to a film where no one speaks; instead, we sit in silence, listening to the wind whisper.

Just as we find ourselves immersed in her diary, the second song, “Chemo Song – Sleeping Song,” strikes us with stronger emotions and a clearer glimpse into her heart. It’s as if we were there, watching her quietly strum her guitar. We hold our breath, not wanting to wake her.

Sun to my moonRain in my seaI called out for youThe wind carried you to me–“Sun to my Moon”

“Sun to my Moon” makes our hearts sink with her. Needing no more words, we cry with her.

Leave me here while the waters riseLay me out I’m waiting for the boatmanTo see me to the other side–“The Boatman”

The last track “The Boatman” is a painful farewell mixed with a glimmer of hope. It represents a tough process but gives courage to her and to those who have lost their loved ones.

This is not an end but a start.

Each encounter has been a long-awaited reunion, our paths first crossing in that explosion of the universe fifteen billion years ago. Since then, we’ve journeyed alongside the drift of cosmic matter, traversing the eon in a quest to find one another again.

Don’t worry, I’ll see you very soon, my love. Until then, watch the blossoms, the sunrise, and the tide fall for me.

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