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ASKEW (full album w/ artwork and unlockable content)

Askew is the debut album from US/Berlin avant pop band Waking Dreams, now available as limited edition NFT.


IDIOTCHILD feat. Noel Maurice

DUMBDOWN (album w/ unlockable content)

Dumbdown is the only album produced by the band Idiotchild, which was active in Berlin in the zeroes, now available as NFT.



KNOCKOUT MICE (4-song EP w/ unlockable content)

These songs are by the Iranian band Telecraze, currently resident in Turkey, recorded in 2013.



DOCTOR (single w/ unlockable content)

Doctor is a single from Kat Koan from the album Lustfire, now available as NFT.

If you’re a musician, songwriter, visual artist (or similar!) and want to sell your work as NFTs through indieRepublik, please get in touch here! 

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